NETmundial+10 announces program and opens online consultation on the governance of the digital world

26 MAR 2024


Contributions will base the final document of the multistakeholder event, which will take place on April 29-30 in São Paulo, and will be live-streamed

NETmundial+10, organized by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, has released the preliminary program ( for the event, which will be held on April 29 and 30, 2024, in São Paulo, focusing on global challenges for the governance of the digital world. The organization wants to hear from the different stakeholders to build consensus and shape digital governance. Therefore an online consultation ( is available, and the contributions received will serve as the basis for the development of the Final Declaration, with concrete recommendations for the future of the governance ecosystem.

"We need to discuss the governance challenges in the digital world, with strong multistakeholder participation, listening to society and the stakeholder groups involved. To safeguard adequate diversity in the construction of adopted solutions, we need to have good mechanisms to promote the implementation of multistakeholderism in the different spheres, at global, regional, and local levels. And this is the main issue at stake with NETmundial+10. We, as, hope to once again lead such a relevant debate and leave this contribution to the global community," says Renata Mielli, Chair of NETmundial+10 and Coordinator of

The consultation is structured around three main groups of questions: Principles for Digital Governance Processes; Guidelines for the Implementation of Multistakeholder Mechanisms; and Contributions to Ongoing Processes. Participants must indicate the degree to which they agree with the points presented and, in some cases, detail their point of view on certain aspects.

To participate, visit the event website:

The aim of NETmundial+10 is not to duplicate efforts in discussing specific issues of Internet governance and digital cooperation but to create an arena that allows the community to jointly build concrete political messages and commitments on the multistakeholder approach.

On the first day, two themes are part of the program: "Global Challenges for the Governance of the Digital World", which aims to be an overarching debate tackling pressing issues related to the main goals of the event; and "Results from the Consultation and the NETmundial+10 Draft Outcome Document", which, in turn, is the motto for the members of the event's Executive Committee to briefly discuss the possibilities and listen to comments from the public. Also on April 29, two working sessions will delve into specific aspects of the final document, considering the contributions received from the consultation process.

On April 30, in addition to a working session, there will be debates on three topics: "Process Coordination: GDC (Global Digital Compact), WSIS+20 (World Summit on the Information Society), IGF (Internet Governance Forum) and others", which will reflect on the fragmentation of spaces and the opportunities for more collaboration and coordination; "Follow-up to NETmundial+10 and Implementation of Outcomes", which aims to gather opinions from the community on how the results of the meeting will be taken forward and how they will be implemented in relevant forums; and finally, "Closing Plenary: Multistakeholderism for the Governance of the Digital World", which aims to present the NETmundial+10 outcome document and hold a brief discussion on possibilities and means of outreach to the global audience.

About the event
Based on NETmundial, held almost a decade ago in the country, the new event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in São Paulo, Brazil. Casting a look at the future governance of the digital world, the meeting will provide a space for players to meet, discuss and reach consensus on a new roadmap that can tackle pressing challenges of our time, as well as collectively build a common, structured agenda of priority issues for the global community, and further multistakeholderism to all relevant global governance and decisional arenas.

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The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, responsible for establishing strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil, coordinates and integrates all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting technical quality, innovation and dissemination of the services on offer. Based on the principles of multistakeholderism and transparency, represents a democratic Internet governance model that has been internationally praised, in which all sectors of society participate equally in its decisions. One of its formulations is the 10 Principles for the Governance and Use of the Internet ( More information is available at 

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